Airport Executive Shuttle Pricing

How to Book Your Service

  1. Call our office the day prior to your arrival or departure to guarantee your reservation. Same day reservations can be accommodated based upon availability.
  2. Ask for the Executive Airport Shuttle agent.
    Our shuttle agent will answer any questions you may have.
  3. Provide six simple items.
    1. Phone number: Home, Business or Cell
    2. Your Name
    3. Your date of arrival/departure
    4. Your flight information, including the time
    5. The number of guests in your party
    6. Your Hotel

Hotel Rates

Zone 1 - $20-one way, $30-roundtrip
Erlanger, Florence, Ft Mitchell, Hebron
Zone 2 - $26-one way, $40-roundtrip
Covington Riverfront, Downtown, Clifton
Zone 2A - Shared Shuttle $31+3-one way, $45+3+3-roundtrip
Residence Pick Up In Clifton and UC - 45220 & 45219 Only
Zone 3 - $40-one way, $70-roundtrip
Blue Ash, Hyde Park, Norwood, Kenwood, Sharonville & Cintas Center
Zone 4 - $60-one way, $90-roundtrip
Mason, West Chester, Springdale, Kings Island

Gratuities Are Not Included

Rates Are Per Person

"When getting you there means business"

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